Geoffrey Meredith
Thoughts on Technology


I have spent 20+ years on the leading edge of technology and software development as both a CTO and a consultant. Beginning with my top standing in the University of Calgary's first graduating class in Computer and Electrical Engineering, I have always looked for opportunities using the most promising new technologies. Even before the introduction of the original IBM PC, I decided that "microcomputers" were the area where interesting ideas would come from, not the "minicomputer" and "mainframe" world that most of my colleagues were aiming at.

I have always chosen a path that involved making new and innovative technologies accessible to a wider audience. This started with introducing PCs to the Alberta Government Social Services Division as a means of better financial and client management, followed by the development of several software authoring tools for concurrent Computer-Based Training (CBT), Help, Support and Communications systems for enterprise use.

The authoring tool theme continued with the creation and development of the first-ever parametric graphics engine for use in mass customization of manufactured products. Tools, which today, are widely used throughout the manufacturing industry.

I then turned my focus to the enterprise use of PDAs, developing user interfaces, database synchronization, and communications tools, as well as developing hardware and firmware for USB audio devices.

Applying my expertise in software tools to the then-emerging world of blogs, I also created one of the earliest hosted-model blog systems. This was followed by developments in vertically oriented website authoring tools and more recently in media convergence, Web 2.0 and Identity 2.0 technologies.

I currently live and work out of Vancouver, BC and work on projects thoughout Canada and the US.